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How can I support you during birth as a doula?

I will be there with you and for you from the moment you call me in. You will have my full attention and unbiased support, my hands to massage you in contractions, I can translate everything to English for you or offer you positions and movements, that could help your body move with contractions…

Even before you go into the hospital, you can check in with me. How often do you have contractions? Did your water brake? What could you do to help yourself while you are still labouring at home?

But let’s start at the beginning.

I am a certified doula.

I support couples during pregnancy, birth or postpartum period. And my support comes in different ways.

  • Do you need to KNOW more information about birth, natural birthing methods, standard ways of treating birth in our hospitals, your patient/parental rights, breastfeeding tips, postpartum healing tips?
  • Do you need to FEEL understood, supported and trusted in your ability to give birth? Supported while having your precious baby?
  • Do you need someone to LISTEN to you without their own agenda, help you find your inner voice and your own way of doing things in the informational chaos?
  • Do you need someone to BE THERE WITH YOU through the all of it, beautiful and scary or emotional process of having a baby? Someone who will not be nervous twice as much as you could be, who will not push you in any direction or decision, someone who has an understanding for all the things that labour, birth or an emotional postpartum period can bring?

As a doula, I honour your choices and the role you give me. I can be a different doula for different couples. Depends, what you expect from me 🙂

I can help you breathe calmly, massage or shower you, keep the birthing room comfortable for you and suggest you different movements or positions. I can do these things myself or offer them to your partner, so he can be the primary support person for you. Or I can just be there to translate everything. Hold your hands if you want me to. Or sit quietly in the corner with all the trust in you, your body or the birth process. Be there just in case you need more reassurance. I don’t fix what’s not broken 🙂

I am also a psychologist.

But I don’t psychoanalyze you. I wouldn’t dare to do that :).

Mostly, it’s a great resource for me to work with myself, think and find other ways to be there for you. It also means that I honour and respect all your choices, hold my boundaries, don’t give unsolicited advice and check twice whether I am not making you feel like I know better. Because I don’t.

If you feel like you need someone here to be with you during the process of preparing for birth, let me know.

I will gladly support you and your partner in preparation for labour or during the birth itself.


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  1. Pallavi Girase

    Can you please share your mobile number to discuss in person.

    1. Anna Filová
      Anna Filová

      Hello, I have my phone number and other contact option on the contact page. 😊

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