Birth in Brno project is currently a home for an online prenatal class and a small blog. But slowly, it will grow. Stay in touch! 😉

I am Anna Filová, a doula and a psychologist. I started this platform to share my many experiences with working with expats,  helping them prepare for birth or finding their routines and new lifestyle with their newborn baby.

I have plans for adding different articles and tips for expecting parents, so if you want to stay in touch with everything that will come, drop your email below 😉


You can visit to read more about my doula services, references and work.

You can also join us in a Facebook group dedicated to Having a baby in Brno on Facebook.

It´s a pleasure to meet you!


You can find a lot of useful information, support and tips on a Brno Expat Centre website.

Mgr. Anna Filová

Psychologist, Certified doula


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