Most frequent questions and answers about the prenatal class

Is it necessary? No. Is it worth it? For sure. Childbirth is a whole new land.  If you have any anxiety about the delivery day, or what to expect, a childbirth class can help with a lot of that. The experience of birth with a class can be much more relaxed than if you don’t take one.

If you don’t take a prenatal class, you still can give birth normally, even have a nice birth experience. But I think your experience will be much more dependent on the staff present in the hospital at the time you´ll give birth and their personal opinions, more then your own. Your experience and feelings or understanding of the situation can be very different to a one, where you´d be more informed, with your own preferences. You may however find all the information you need yourself, read books or research articles online.

What I offer in this prenatal class is a comprehensive set of my experiences of working with expectant couples preparing for birth, breastfeeding and their baby, and a set of recommended resources, that allow you to dig deep into all topics you´d need to know along the way.

While you can take a childbirth education class as early or late as you like in your pregnancy, most people choose to take a class at some point in their third trimester, so the information is fresh when labor/birth day comes. Try to complete the class by your 36th week of pregnancy.

You can buy the class at any point of your pregnancy. Go through the class content at your own pace and connect to the schedules live calls when you feel you´re ready.

The objective of this class is to help expectant parents manage their expectations regarding the possible scenarios of birth and provide them with the tools to make informed and intuitive choices along the way. I am here just to give choices – along with risks & benefits.  That way, you can make an informed choice based on what you know. My plan isn’t to push you either way, just let you make your own call.

This class is designed to be taken in your own time, along with a schedule of 2-3 weeks in the contact with me. There will be 2 live lessons in my office / online conference calls, where I´ll present the most important topics for you. The online module with all the written information, recommended articles and videos along with the Natural Breastfeeding program is yours to take, in whatever time you decide. After going through the live calls with the group you can schedule the individual session with me and discuss further, whatever you need. This consultation is private, not shared with a group anymore.

We had an intensive weekend prenatal class in here in Brno, which was around 13-14 hours of everything around the birth, breastfeeding, baby care and postpartum in 2 days. For some people the amount of information can be overwhelming.

This online class will allow you to take your own time, go through the topics week by week. After the 2 lessons with me you can take it on your own schedule, and each partner can delve as deep as they want into the content.

If you cannot attend the upcoming lesson, let me know. We could try to reschedule if there are only a few couples registered or I can also host a private lesson only for you, as for now the individual prenatal preparation price is the same as for the prenatal class.

This class and how it´s made allows for both. I really want to give the couple preparing for birth and baby care everything they need to prepare for the upcoming time together, I want to provide them with information and tips for dads to really be involved and appreciated. It´s up to you and your partner, how you decide to take the class, attend the live lessons together or not, or go through the materials in your own way and time. In this way, if you´re preparing to take the class alone or you don´t plan to have your partner supporting you at birth, you can skip these topics and use our private session to maximum for planning anything else that you´d need.