Choose your class

Now that I have an online class going with the in-person lessons, you can choose how you want to take the childbirth course! 🙂

Depending on your needs and ideas, choose between the classes below.  Do you wish to learn and have in-person lessons with me, with an option to ask all the questions?
Or do you prefer learning at home in your own time, fill in the gaps in information that you might have, or get some tips for giving birth in Brno?

Online lessons with a consultation​

1 500
  • 2 x 3 hour in-person lessons
  • All online lessons
  • Natural breastfeeding program
  • 60 minutes consultation with me

To choose this class, write me an email for further instructions 🙂

Online lessons only

  • 2 x 3 hour in-person lessons
  • All online lessons
  • Natural breastfeeding online program
  • 60 minutes consultation with me
  • 600 Kč for my clients with any birth package and birth support reserved

To choose this class, write me an email for further instructions 🙂

You can buy these classes directly online or choose OFFLINE PAYMENT and I’ll send you an invoice that you can pay to the bank account. 

If you chose the in-person class, let me know in the notes section which date you want to join.

I’ll approve your access to the class after I receive the payment.

Upcoming in-person classes:

If you buy the full class, choose from these dates to attend an in-person class.

These classes are held on Friday evening from 17:00 to 20:00.

15.1. + 22.1.

26.2. + 5.3.

9.4. + 16.4.

21.5. + 28.5.


    • If these dates or times don’t fit your schedule, let me know, we can come up with other days and you can have an individual lesson.
    • If I get a call to attend a birth, we’ll reschedule the lesson to another day or time. I will communicate with you any changes so you’ll be sure you can attend the class before your labour! 🙂

    Do you have more questions? Check out the FAQ section


    My office is on Vlhká 25, Brno.
    If you have any issues, call me on 774 349 793.
    I am looking forward to seeing you! 🙂


    With my boyfriend we had an individual prenatal course/ consultation with Anna. We spent with Anna 6 hours divided into 2 blocks during which we had the opportunity to consult all important topics regarding the period before birth, during birth and after birth. We asked a lot of questions and Anna answered patiently all of them. Plus we also had a chance to try some relaxation technics that was great. We also got access to on-line materials with all the topics that we talked about. We would recommend Anna to all coupes that would like to learn more about this important life moment. We would like to thank for a lot of information and great atmosphere during the course. Thank you Anna 


    Really hepful and insightful course. Much appreciated that Anna takes the time to answer questions, which I believe in this case are many