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Are you searching for a prenatal class in English?

I created a childbirth course designed for foreign couples in Czech republic.

This prenatal class will prepare you for giving birth in the Czech republic so you can have more relaxed pregnancy, birth and postpartum time here.

Have the birth experience you deserve.

This course includes 2 in-person lessons and online materials, checklists and recommended videos. 
You also get lifetime access to a Natural breastfeeding online program and a private 60 minute consultation with me (depending on which class you choose).

Upcoming in-person classes:

1.10. and 8.10. 2021

3.12. and 10.12. 2021

Hello! I am Anna Filová

I am an English speaking doula and I am here to help you and your partner prepare for having your baby in the Czech republic.

I have been supporting my English speaking clients on their journey as a doula for over 3 years now. I organize prenatal classes and supportive meetings for pregnant women and mothers in Brno.

I can help you prepare for birth and support you at breastfeeding beginnings.

If you need more comfort and security during pregnancy, you don’t know what to expect in the hospital or you’re insecure about communicating with the staff, I can help you get the information that you need. I can simplify the information you need to have your baby and take car of the newborn for the first time.

After working with me, you will know what to expect, how to ask for the medical care you want to receive and then focus more on yourself and your baby coming.

I am available for prenatal consultations, birth support, postpartum care and breastfeeding support. Read more about my services here.

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