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This online prenatal class will guide and prepare you for giving birth in the Czech republic in English.
You can find written lessons, downloadable materials and recommended videos and resources in this course. These will be available for you to learn and study at your own pace or even download and have at hand when the time comes.
This can come in handy if you take the class early in your pregnancy and need a refresher as you get closer to your due date.
This class is perfect for those couples that already have some experience or knowledge about the birth process, but need to fill in some gaps in information they have. Maybe you want to make sure there is nothing that you’ ve missed when you’ re preparing for your baby, or you simply like to study and prepare by yourself.

This class does not come with live lessons or consultations wit the doula. If you will feel like you need a consultation at the end or want some support with your individual needs, feel free to contact me and schedule a call / meeting.

If you find out during the course that you are missing some important topic, let me know and I’ll add it 😉

What you´ll get in this course​

Learning materials

Written lessons and learning materials  for all the topics in the curriculum – available anytime to study in your own time

couple holding pregnant belly

Natural Breastfeeding program

Prepare yourself for successful breastfeeding with articles, videos of real women breastfeeding and lactation consultants giving tips and advice for common issues

Private consultation

60-90 minutes long online private consultation after you go through the class and want to prepare your individual birth plan or discuss any topics in more detail


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